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The Putnam County Recorder’s Office began:

Indexing on the computer January 1, 1993.

Began using Official Record book series February 2, 1998.

Began scanning documents March 2003.

Began filing all UCC – two number system.  All Financing Statements are filed under the Official Record number series.  Can be found in main search.



Back Scanned Images:

Deed Book images are scanned back to January 1, 1993.

Mortgage Book images are currently being back scanned toward January 1, 1993.


Public Records Notice

Documents recorded in the Recorder's Office generally are considered to be public records. Other persons have access to the information contained in recorded documents.


As your county recorder, I recommend that you review your documents carefully prior to recording them. Make sure your social security number is not listed on the documents because once they are filed they can be viewed by anyone.



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